We offer the following vehicles

You have the choice between different vehicles, regardless of the number of passengers. We offer the following


  • Private Taxi: We offer the best possibility of a trip, here is the limited capacity of the baggage. Note

Here a maximum of 2 persons with 2 pieces of luggage will be transported. The vehicles are

air conditioned (Renault, Polo).

  • Mini Van: This is the most booked transfer vehicle. Ideal for families, small groups, since a lot of

space for luggage is available. This vehicle can be booked for 1,2,3,4,5 or 6 people. The

vehicles are air conditioned.

  • Small bus: This transfer vehicle is ideal for small groups and larger families 7 to 13 passengers. As

much luggage space is available. The vehicles are air conditioned.

  • The following vehicle types are available when booking selected: